Custom Seating Cylinder


Custom Seating Cylinder

Individual frameless cylinder with custom-designed upholstery cover

  • Individual cylinder to show the world your brand, identity, and your company’s image;
  • unique advertising space that captures customer’s attention;
  • can be used both as an advertising space and seat.

Convert between striking advertising/decoration item and supplemental seating for indoor/outdoor use.



  • Size: 17 3/4” x 17 3/4”
  • Durable foam core
  • Resilient Polyurethane foam rubber filling retains shape.
  • The interchangeable Polyester case is water resistant and machine washable.
  • Includes both the printed case and foam rubber filling.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Weight – 5 lbpic3Landing_8

Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 17.75 x 17.75 x 17.75 in


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