How to order.

If you want to buy promotional furniture with our designs, go to the retail section of our shop.

If you want to order promotional furniture with the custom print, please, fill the form on the contact page, and our manager will get in touch with you. In case you struggle with the options, feel free to write us a message, and we will make sure your needs are satisfied.


In our production pipeline, we use only high-quality rubber foam, made and cut in Texas. The cover is made of waterproof polyester. Sublimation print ensures vibrant colors and high durability of the image.

Graphic check.

In case you want to order custom print, be sure that your graphics meet the next requirements:

Raster. Raster graphics must be in CMYK color space and 300 dpi. Minimum image resolution is 2500×2500 pixels. Please send raster graphics in archive,

Vector. We accept .EPS, .AI and .CDR files. Make sure all text is in curves and colors are CMYK.

If you are not sure if your graphics meet all the requirements, please, write to us on

NOTE: we do not check spelling or grammatical errors.


We ship or product via UPS.

Note that production time depends on the scale and complexity of your order. After the production is finished, the average delivery time is 2-3 working days. More precise production and shipping time can be done after evaluating your order.


We will produce and ship out your order within 4-6 business days from the time your artwork is approved. It is our standard production time, and there is no additional charge.

Payment Methods

Online Orders:
We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.
Offline Orders:
Orders placed over the phone or via email can be paid with all major credit cards, including those listed above. If you have an outstanding invoice or payment due for an offline order, you can send it to to make a payment.

Care & Cleaning

To enjoy your product for an extended period, you should observe the following instructions regarding treatment and cleaning.

1. Treatment
Products must not come into contact with trees, wires, poles or walls.
Washing the products must be done as needed. If a product becomes too dirty, it may no longer be possible to achieve satisfactory washing results.
The damage that occurs to the product requires immediate repair to maintain its durability.

2. Washing, drying, ironing, steaming
Wash in washing machines on cold water setting of 105°F (40°C) with the addition of mild, color-safe (without bleach) washing detergent and a color catcher. Remove from machine immediately after cycle is completed. For all products, reinstall covers right away to prevent shrinking.
Hang wet to air dry. Do not fold wet.
Use a steamer to remove wrinkles. If you don’t have a steamer, you can iron these products but take caution and ensure your iron is set to the lowest possible temperature.