Stand Out with a Branding You Can Sit On

Print your product graphics on custom foam in different shapes

70% of consumers make their choice at the time of purchase.

Catch their attention with something that they have never seen before.

Your custom design

Removable covers

High density foam

Different sizes

Use cases

  • Advertise your products in a unique way to increase your sales
  • ​Change covers to stay in the moment with seasonal campaigns
  • Stand out at PR actions and special events 
  • ​Enhance brand awareness
  • ​Increased visibility translates to increased brand loyalty




  • Size: 17 3/4''x 17 3/4''x 17 3/4''
  • Weight: 6 lb



  • Size:     17 3/4''    x   17 3/4''
  • Weight: 4.4 lb



  • Size: 17 3/4''x 17 3/4''x 45 1/2''
  • Weight: 12 lb


Snake Sofa

  • Size: 17 3/4''x 45 1/2''x 74 1/2''
  • Weight: 32 lb


Sarah Walker Co-owner of a coworking

At first, the idea was skeptical. But, when we built such a sofa from different details, we realized that we are not getting on this. Now, this furniture is used all over the place. The idea is really cool! You can collect different designs for every need. These cubes are very mobile. Still never regretted that I ordered furniture from this company.

Give it a try, test it and see results!

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