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Meet PSCUBE team

We are a group of different people with diverse backgrounds who love doing what we do.  Though we are very different, we are united by the one goal – to deliver the highest quality product. Young and active, we continually learn new things and share our experience to be better every day.

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IVAN MELNIKOV is PSCube founder and CEO. He has over 12 years of experience in DESIGN AND PROMOTIONAL INDUSTRY in his homeland, and now he is expanding globally, building business in Texas. He is passionate about making best solutions on the market and exceeding your expectations. VASIL MELNIKOV is a person responsible for production. He assures that our products are of the highest quality and the technology we use in production are on the cutting edge. ALEKSANDR MELNIKOV is our quality manager.
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YAN ASADCHY, a scientist in the past, brings a scientific approach to everything his hands can reach. Starting with the design solutions and ending up with marketing strategies, he sees the opportunity for research. ZHANNA ZHEVNYAK is our great designer. She always in good mood and inspires us with her bright smile and fresh ideas. She also puts a lot of effort to make our office a comfortable place to work.
dasha Svetlana_av Tamer Mallak
DASHA ULYUKOVA is our Account manager and Designer. She is a very creative person who likes eye-candy and lean solutions for clothing and textile products. SVETLANA SHKURDOVA is a person who is engaged in correspondence with customers, helps to build effective business processes and develop marketing activities in the company. She is very active and always ready to learn new methods and technologies to improve client relationships.  TAMER MALLAK is our Director of Photography and Designer. He is very creative person and always full of fresh ideas. As a High-qualified Photographer, he creates beautiful photo compositions and commercials which help us to promote our products.

PSCUBE.COM  has been delivering results since we opened in 2016. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.  PSCUBE.COM is a subdivision of PROMOTX.COM

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We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.