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Create new experience for your students with your school spirit cubes

Use at your school library, lobby, cafeteria, classrooms, hallways. Take to events.

Order your school spirit cubes today!

Use as an educational tool, soft and durable foam and fabric, promotes school spirit

Your school is a community of students, parents, educators, and support staff. Empower your team and strengthen your community with school spirit. Stand out with a new way of showing your school spirit. Communicate your school spirit and your school values with fun, large, multi-use, tactile, fabric cubes with your own design that everyone loves. By enhancing school spirit with a set of cubes, you increase parental involvement, PTA/PTO activity, community, and academic performance. Play, build, move around, sit, touch, and learn with school spirit cubes!

Lobby sign, creative furniture, made in USA

Frostwood kids with cubes

Our cubes are used in:

  • Libraries
  • School lobbies for picture days
  • To brighten up school common areas with school spirit
  • Theater props
  • School fairs

Stack cubes into educational compositions

Provide enough sitting space for your students

Light weight, comfortable & fun, machine washable

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