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14 Spirit Сube ideas

14 Spirit Сube ideas for your school

Our Spirit Cubes are known for being modular seating furniture that is lightweight, about 6 pounds, made of
durable foam and covered with a heavy duty upholstery fabric that is removable and washable! Our cubes
have been used in libraries, lunchrooms, common areas, study halls, for props on picture day and in the
school theater stage area!

Frostwood kids with cubes

14 ideas for you:

1. Use spirit cubes with your school design on the stage as theater props. Create any configuration you
need, move cubes from place to place, or take cubes to competitions to make your school stand out.

2. Transform your library into a modern learning space with a combination of new furniture. Spirit cubes as
modular soft seating is an excellent add­on to your new area. You can use motivational and inspirational
design to trigger learning and reading.

3. Use cubes in your school lobby as a dynamic public art object that your students can move and
reorganize daily. Display your mission statement, values, essential ideas creatively to engage your
community. People will use cubes to sit on, as tables to write on, and as a sculpture. Imagine how many
different art combinations you can make because one block has six sides.

4. Help students connect through team building activities playing with a 3D 18” block puzzle of your school
spirit cubes. Let’s face it: we all like to play with cubes. Building different school images with large lightweight
blocks is an enjoyable game.

5. Inspire creative thinking with spirit cubes. Do you use wall graphics, banners, t­shirts, pennants to create
your school atmosphere? Add spirit cubes to the list!

6. Do you have a gymnasium? Build a stronger sports spirit with sports cubes. Add your school name and
team name to football, basketball, baseball, soccer cubes. Tell us your sport, and we will create your sport
spirit cubes for your locker room or gymnasium.

7. Diversify your cheerleader’s performance with school spirit sports cubes that indicate your school colors
and mascot.

8. Trigger healthy eating habits. Just like educates people about food, we designed
Fruits and Veggies collection to improve children eating behavior. Our Fruits and Veggies cubes help remind
children to make the right choices by staying active and eating the right foods! Isn’t that what you want for
your kids? At PSCube that is what we want!

9. Add a 4­cube bench to your waiting area. Each cube has six different graphic designs that make your new
school spirit soft seat look different anytime you want. Refresh your interior by rotating or flipping your school
spirit cubes.

10. Design spirit cubes for classroom themes your students will love: Happy Campers, Go Around the World,
Get Lost in Harry Potter, Travel Under the Sea, Join the Superheroes, Fall in Love with Owls, Welcome Your
Students to the Jungle, Go to Far Away Places, Celebrate Dr. Seuss, Go to the Movies. We can help you
with many more concepts.

11. Use your unique student­created artwork on your spirit cubes. Encourage creativity.

12. Tired of a city? Create a nature corner with our Nature collection to help your students relax and

13. Take school spirit cubes to school fairs. Make your school stand out.

14. STEM. Design spirit cubes with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in mind for your
STEM culture.

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