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New way to promote your business

Print your own design on cubes poufs

Why PSCube?

Recent research showed up, that 70% of customers choose their beer at the time of purchase. This means that advertisement plays a high role in the beer market. To stand out among your competitor, you need a powerful and unique way to promote your beer. This is where our cylinders are the best.

Demonstration of a corporative brand design and any information,

using interactive, voluminous and visual communications

(promo furniture in the form of cube).

Your custom design

Removable covers

Rubber foam core

Different sizes

Harrison JonesBrewmaster

We ordered 12 cylinders with our beer can design on it and are very happy with the result. Customers are attracted by its look and became choosing our beer more frequently.

Brian JenkinsBrewmaster

Honestly, I doubted this product. But the reality surpassed all expectations. I did not expect such a positive reaction from customers and sales growth. Thanks, PSCube!

Daniel Foster Jr.Bar owner

We put several such cylinders in the bar. It's cool, some people just go see and take a picture with these things). I think we will cooperate with that company further.

PSCube furniture features:

  • Advertise your beer in a unique way to increase your sales
  • Change covers with different content depending on the situation
  • Put extraordinary seats in any place
  • Take it to the festivals and BTL events to stand out your beer
  • Increase the recognizability of your beer and corporate identity
  • Increase the loyalty of customers, partners, and press

Patrick AdamsBrewmaster

When it comes to marketing your beverage company, there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but guys from PSCube really help us make it happen. They provided us with the outstanding and original way to share our company’s story widely. It’s engaging customers product and us happy to see the increase of our profits, as well as brand recognition on the market.

Give it a try, test it and see results!

Order custom designed cubes