School Spirit Educational CCubes – Custom Cubes


School Spirit Educational CCubes – Custom Cubes

  • proven STEM learning tool
  • develop spatial intelligence
  • train memory, pattern identification, and hand-eye coordination
  • accelerate social skills development through team learning
  • build 100+ unique images, letters, and numbers
  • safe, durable, washable foam core
  • honor your school spirit with custom school graphics on each cube

Dimensions: single cube – 8” by 8” by 8”

Set includes 16 cubes.

Researchers define spatial ability as the capacity for rotating, transforming, and mentally generating visual images. It is one of the three cognitive abilities most important for developing expertise in learning and work settings.

Spatial visualization plays a critical role in the engineering and scientific disciplines.

CCubes are branded to your school or personalized with names or custom graphics. We use your official school colors and engage children in an educational and exciting way.