Aspen Cylinder


Aspen Cylinder Seat

PSCube team has created this attractive cylinder to bring a piece of a fresh forest into your interior. Our designer Tamer Mallak went walking into the woods and captured wooden textures using his camera and then our team print this textures on fabric. The cylinder will create a cozy atmosphere in your interior and sitting on it you will listen silent of the magic forest.

The cylinder is a multifunctional accessory, an asset in every modern space. Can be used as a footrest, table, stool.

There is a block of foam rubber inside the cylinder, that can hold up to 330 lb. The foam cylinder is covered with durable polyester material, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
The cover fastens using zipper and can be easily taken off for washing or if you wish to change the design of your cylinder.

17 3/4” D by 17 3/4”H



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